Are you a curly girl that doesn’t know how to manage your curls?

Welcome to the world of Devacurl at Rock Your Locks!

Here we will teach, inform, and help you embrace your curls! We love curls at Rock Your Locks. There is no better feeling to us than when you get a frustrated curly girl in your chair and transform them into a fun-loving, free-spirited curly girl.

Curly girls come from all walks of life. They have different curl patterns, textures, and attitudes toward their curls.

New Client Curl Boot Camp Special – $115+

This includes:

    • Deva 101– All the knowledge you need about your curls and how DevaCurl can help.
    • Curl Reboot– Detoxifying your curls is just the beginning! We need to purify your hair to accept all the wonderful ingredients in the products.
    • Mega Moisture Treatment– Ultra-hydrating to kick those curls off to a great start.
    • Deva Cut & Set
    • Take-Home Moisturizing Mask– We want you to continue your investment at home by building ultimate moisture for the best curls of your life!
    Which Curl Texture Am I?


    A very loose S shaped pattern. It gives the hair great body and texture.


    Your hair has springy S shaped pattern resembles a corkscrew.


    Your corkscrew curls are tight and closer to the scalp.


    Extremely tight coily hair that resembles more of a zigzag shape than a corkscrew. It naturally has more of a frizzy look to it.

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